Sleep Lane


The SLEEP LANE musical project has got an origin in the two member band THE WORDECHOES, in which Cesar Martin and Moira Muñoz were involved during 2 years and a half. After a period of restructuration, Moira decides to dedicate her time to other professional and personal concerns, and Cesar Martin changes the name to SLEEP LANE as an epigraph for the begining of a new phase. Thereby it´s a bit later when Alberto Pontes assumes the drumming role; and then they decide to continue using the same name and concept that were already supposed to be, in that days, the starting and essential motivation to put themselves in any musical scene.

SLEEP LANE goes on with the creation of more titles like "Shy & Dry", setting the focussing and intention of the songs formerly written - that is to say "Swimmin´ Your World", "Drowse" and "Questions" - which keep in force.

Months later Rok Lebowski on bass, Daniel Caballero on drums and Paul Drake on synths and keyboards are recruited for the time to come and specially to face the live shows.

Nowadays, this band conception is completely open to multiform collaborations with musicians in different regimens and levels: since the so-called session work until the external participation for specific cases, in order to provide the project with enough versatility and operating capacity.

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