Los Suaves and Eric Sardinas inflame the Cultura Inquieta Festival

First night of rock and blues at Getafe, a good achieving

Published by Alex Belencoso and translated by Félix Belencoso - 10 years ago
Los Suaves and Eric Sardinas inflame the Cultura Inquieta Festival

The day came, the day dedicated to the rock sounds this year at the Festival Cultura Inquieta. The appointment, distraught initially by the Jeff Beck's cancellation, brought together a mixed audience, and the unconditional followers didn't turn up.

The show began on time at 9 p.m. and in spite of the daylight, we were eager for a good dosage of watts. Fuzz, the supporting performers, is a band with hard rock and classic rock influences, but with a "crystalline" sound. That means that guitars avoid the dirt we do find in 70's rock. In stead, they prefer other effects like "delays" and arrangements based in melodies, not in harsh electricity. The design led by Frankie impressed the audience, specially with songs like 'Indomable' (an advance of the new record) or 'Materia invisible'. The instrumental passages also worked very well.

Maybe we missed the surprise factor we should expect from a less known band. In the future it would be interesting that they release more progressive, parts, not only a few details but something more developed. Anyway, a good level at the beginning of the event and a good ending of a very intelligent show, that left us a good taste. The selected theme 'Rockin´ in the Free World' by Neil Young, is a version adapted to the sound of the band.

After a first hour of nice rock, came the moment of the visceral blues of Eric Sardinas. The Florida's man is a star and his presentation was spectacular, in both ways: form and content. Each esthetic detail, each position of the guitar, understanding with the audience... Actually he knows how to draw all looks upon him. In my opinion the show, in its musical way, went from better to worse, maybe because the formula became a few repeating.

The show started with blues, rock and some funk. Eric weakly asked the audience to jump, to clap hands, during a quiet break, along the syncopated riff of 'Goin´ to the River'. He seemed a little distracted but we got fun anyway. Some details like the fall of the slide, a "merci beaucoup" not very appropriate for Spain (jet lag?) or a stop in the middle of a song for tuning the guitar... Well, it can happen to anyone. The most important thing was that we were celebrating, with 'Get Down to Whiskey', a theme that incites to sing together and meant the climax of the concert until that moment.

After that, some blues and improvisation. Eric, very inspired and having out of style recourse, came to the border of the stage and played with the wah wah and some others effects, all passion, but the Dobro had some howlings from time to time. Maybe it's difficult to control such a lot of electricity when this man breaks free... He went on with the improvisation, but now in a calmer tone. The rhythm base took the theme's burden and the blues phrasings combined with some words Eric addressed to the audience without mic. More raging wah wah to finish and the sensation of have lived the most special moment of the night.

It was 23:00, half time of his performance. The band kept on alternating rock and blues and let Eric Sardinas alone on stage for a version of 'Hell Hound on My Trail' by Robert Johnson, one of his childhood heroes. With the mic at half height, fooling with different volumes and gains, it was the most intimate theme and pure blues. The band took up again to rally him around for a new sample of rock and roll with american scent. Then, the bass player Levell Price won the audience's attention, starting an ambient theme, supported by an octaver and drums appearing slowly, played by Bryan Keeling. Everything very evocative, leaving temporarily the blues.

They went on with a very funk theme, progressive, reminding us again the absent of this night, Jeff Beck, and how much we could be pleased with his performance. But it wasn't time for sorrows, not at all. Eric came back to the stage to join the party and asking for "yeahs" from the audience. We really found him from this time a little more tired, less inspired and sometime out of time. But this was covered by his presence and magnetism and, of course, his companions, a real rhythmic machine. The show was finishing and we were satisfied, waiting for the end of the party prepared by Los Suaves.

The band from Orense almost played at home and it was evident, but didn't attract as much audience as one could require. Perhaps because they played in Madrid some months ago or they hadn't enough time to reach all their followers. Los Suaves made the concert we expected, at the cutting edge, with good sound and good performances, although it was difficult to understand Yosi with an awfully broken voice. He has however a big charm and got satisfy the greater part of their audience.

The rest, as I said, had a good achieving. The rhythmic base very correct, perfectly holding up every theme. The guitar players, Alberto Cereijo and Fernando Calvo, stood out especially. Lot of "trademark solos", as usual in the "Suaves manner", doubling guitars. They also had very strong and inspired moments in 'Viajando al fin de la noche'.

Yosi kept bewitched because "the moon was driving him crazy" but it was a party night and the rhythm didn't stop. 'You know? Phil Lynott died!', 'Bad news', 'Pardao', 'Sweet punishment',... And the collective ecstasy with 'Dolores se llamaba Lola', a song almost impossible not to sing or at least to hum. It was the official ending but it remained a couple of presents like 'San Francisco Express', with the flags of Madrid and Galicia waving up on the stage. And a 'Ya nos vamos', the best closure for a concert that didn't disappoint, apart from some details. We went out in the company of an outro in the way of Purple that painted a smile in our face. The face that deserves a concert of good rock and roll.


  • 1.- 'Mi espíritu se libera'
  • 2.- 'Víbora'
  • 3.- 'Indomable'
  • 4.- 'Materia invisible'
  • 5.- 'Blues 666'
  • 6.- 'Nivelzero'
  • 7.- 'Rokin' in the Free World' (Neil Young)

Text and photography: Alex Belencoso / Translation: Félix Belencoso

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