Vúfalo releases a new single

‘Cara de Idiota’ is the first single out of their new album

Published by Laura Soriano - 10 months ago
Vúfalo releases a new single

“Cara de Idiota” was first played on Radio 3’s Hoy Empieza Todo earlier this week and now it’s available in digital platforms.​

This is one of the new songs included in their debut album, to be released on April 17th. Vúfalo had previously released two Eps – El jinete eléctrico and El tiempo de los superhéroes. New versions of some of the songs on those Eps will be included in their album Historias del espacio – tiempo.

Sergio Vera (song writer, guitar player and main voice) has produced, recorded and remastered this first LP, working in Estudio Demiurgo and La Casa del Jamón. The band has welcomed friends such as Sergio Sastre (from Miss Caffeina) and Víctor Cabezuelo (Rufus T. Firefly and Mucho) for two of the songs.

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