Scars of Oblivion tomorrow in Alcorcón

Still no Punk and Rockweiler will also perform at the Sala Motorizer

Published by Laura Soriano - 3 months ago
Scars of Oblivion tomorrow in Alcorcón

Scars of Oblivion will be performing at the Sala Motorizer on Saturday to promote their EP Misanthropy.

The band started on 2012 under the name Serum of Hate. They later change the name to the current Scars of Oblivion, which represents the selfishness of the human being, forgetting that which does not interest, benefit or concern him anymore.

The band has also changed some of its members, but now they have a solid group. However, they are still looking for a bass player.

Despite this, the melodic death metal/death core band will be performing tomorrow night in Alcorcón, along with Still No Punck and Rockweiler.

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