Red Beard promotes ‘All or nothing’

The band has released their third album, closer to rock than previous

Published by Laura Soriano - 1 year ago
Red Beard promotes ‘All or nothing’

After Nobody’s gonna bring me down I and II, the band has a new album – All or nothing.

Jaime Jiménez has stated that they had no doubts that this album had to maintain some of the things present in their previous works, some western and country. However, he says they have focused more on rock – both Southern and classic – this time around. This is partly due to the addition of a drummer to the band.

March will be a good month to enjoy the new songs live as they have announced they will be performing live in the next shows:

02 March - Madrid - Sala Sol
03 March - Vitoria - Hell Dorado
04 March - Gijón - Sala Acapulco
05 March - Bilbao - Sala Satélite T
09 March - Louisiana, USA

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