Random Thinking to perform in Cádiz

The show will take place at the Real Teatro de las Cortes

Published by Laura Soriano - 1 year ago
Random Thinking to perform in Cádiz

It will be a special show taking place next Saturday, according to the band.

The pair of siblings state that, after playing in so many Spanish cities, going back home feels emotional. This is only emphasised when the venue is such a historic and emblematic one as the Real Teatro de las Cortes in Cádiz. That is where Random Thinking will be performing the songs from their new album – Right Here and Now – which follows the path taken in their successful first LP with improved talent and meticulousness.

The album – produced by Aurora and Ángel along with “Caco” Refojo – looks at the more alternative side of contemporary folk rock. Organic and direct in its form, it’s complex and profound at heart. A combination of almost impossible opposites, with timeless songs born to live on.

The show will begin at 8:30 pm and tickets are still available.

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