Rafa Pons to release a live album

‘Hambre de balón’ will help celebrate the 10th anniversary of his first album

Published by Laura Soriano - 2 years ago
Rafa Pons to release a live album

Mal te veo – Rafa Pons’ debut album – was released ten years ago now. To celebrate this anniversary, on June 23rd, his first live album will be released.​

Hambre de Balón will include the songs as they were performed on November at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo, in Madrid, as part of the Las Matinales organized by El País. There will be some collaborations with some friends such as Marwan, Andrés Suárez, Luis Ramiro, El Niño de la hipoteca, Funambulista and El Kanka.

Even though the album comes out in about a month, the title track is available now.

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