Rafa Pons to kick off tour

The musician released a live album last June and now starts the tour

Published by Laura Soriano - 1 year ago
Rafa Pons to kick off tour

Mal te veo, Rafa Pons’ first album, was released ten years ago.​

To commemorate his debut, he released his first live album – Hambre de Balón – this summer. It was recorded during the show he played for Los Matinales, organized by El País. In this album we can find songs about day-to-day stories sung with entertainment as a goal, since he defends that life and football bring enough suffering.

Now the time has come to defend the album on stage, and here is the list of the ones will be visiting until the end of the year:

October 6 – La Salvaje – Oviedo 
October 7 – Avalón Café – Zamora 
October 20 – Sala Black Pearl – Valladolid
October 22 – Le Club – Coruña
October 27 – Awenn (former Chapò) – Albacete
October 28 – Sala Euterpe – Sant Joan d'Alacant
November 4 – Barceló – Madrid
November 10 – Razzmatazz 1 – Barcelona 
November 17 – Shake – Bilbao 
November 18 – La Lata de Bombillas – Zaragoza
November 24 – La Sala – Seville
November 25 – Sala BoogaClub – Granada 
December 1 – Sala Matisse – Valencia 
December 2 – Sala Musik – Murcia

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