Playa Cuberris releases new music video

‘Locos de Atar’ is the third music video from ‘Entrar a Matar’

Published by Laura Soriano - 10 months ago
Playa Cuberris releases new music video

The band worked with Natalia Rodríguez and Pol Monen in the music video for “Locos de Atar”.

Playa Cuberris will also be promoting the album with a series of live performances during the next few months. The next one will be taking place at Sala El Sol in Madrid. The show is expected to be a special one, with collaborations and friends. Temible will be opening for them that night.

The other gigs announced are:

April 1 - Sala El  Sol - Madrid
April 7 - Zeppelin - Salou
April 8 - Sidecar club - Barcelona
April 21 - La gramola - Pontevedra (acustico)
June 23/24 - Insitu Festival - Ambrona
July 21/22 - Festival Fasse Rueda - Medina del campo
July 27 - Dolby – Alfaro

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