NARCO teases new album ‘Espichufrenía’

The band released “Éxtasis Místico”, a new track featuring Ana Curra

Published by Laura Soriano - 1 year ago
NARCO teases new album ‘Espichufrenía’

Those who have listened to the album say that Esp​ichufrenía is the most powerful and varied in collaborations at the moment, still sounding like NARCO.​

It is not surprising, since the once writer, keyboardist and singer in bands such as Parálisis Permanente, Alaska y los Pegamoides, Los Seres Vacios or Los Vengadores is not the only artist featured in the latest NARCO’s album, to be released next Friday.

Collaborations go from rap actual (El Coleta, Space Surimi, Tinatha) to dark-punk (Ana Curra), rock (Reincidentes) or drum'n'bass (Dub Elements, eRRe), including industrial sounds (The Tractor) or even reggae (Burian Fyah, Variedub).

This is the list of all eleven new tracks and the artist featured in them:

1. Suicídate
2. Anticrista (feat. Tinatha)
3. El Trapichero
4. Mi madre es una yonki (feat. eRRe)
5. No nos van a echar (feat. Dub Elements)
6. Éxtasis místico (feat. Ana Curra)
7. El portero de la urbanización (feat. The Tractor)
8. Kimikaze (feat. Burian Fyah & Variedub)
9. Yoni el robot (feat. Space Surimi)
10. Dame argo (feat. El Coleta)
11. Sevilla te acribilla (feat. Reincidentes)

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