Moses Rubin releases new single

‘Everybody's lover/Tony Higgins’ are the two songs included on the single

Published by Laura Soriano - 9 months ago
Moses Rubin releases new single

After the album Subtle Atmospheres (2016), Moses Rubin releases a double single.​

Moses is behind the electric as well as acoustic guitar and backup voices. He worked with Lete G. Moreno (drums), Rodrigo García (bass), Sergio Valdehita (Hammond and Rhodes), David Rubin (electric guitar) and Ramiro Nieto (percussion and backup vocals).

On May 24th, Moses Rubin will be performing along with his band at Sala El Sol, Madrid, to promote “Everybody's lover/Tony Higgins”. There will also be time for some of the older songs, so those who could not attend the last sold out show in Madrid will be able to enjoy them this time.

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