Monolothic Fest, new festival in Galicia

This is the first international festival exclusively focused on the stoner genre

Published by Laura Soriano - 8 years ago
Monolothic Fest, new festival in Galicia

Sala Malatesta, in Santiago de Compostela, will gather all of the performances that will take place during this first year of the festival.​

As the main attractions of Monolithic Fest we will have Mondo Generator and Nick Oliveri. Also performing will be Desert Storm, The Black Wizards or Big Red Panda. And as national bands Supa Scoopa and Black Smoke Dragon, from Vigo and Ferrol, will join the lineup.

Tickets are already for sale. They will cost €20 if purchased via Ticketea or Ticketmaster. If in situ, they can be bought if you head to a A Reixa Tenda (Santiago DC), Discos Portobello (A Coruña), Discos Elepé (Vigo) y Peggy Records (Ourense). If you want to wait to buy them on the same day, the price will be €25.

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