L.A. kicks off their goodbye tour

After ten years of music, the band is looking for new paths

Published by Laura Soriano - 6 years ago
L.A. kicks off their goodbye tour

It was Monday last week when L.A. posted on all their social networks accounts that it was time for changes.​

Ángel Cubero, Pep Mulet, Dimas Frías and Luis Alberto Segura signed the letter in which they announced they were putting a stop to the L.A. project. But before they do, they’ll be touring Spain during the fall to say goodbye to their fans.

The first of the last shows will take place on Wednesday (October 10) at Sala El Sol in Madrid. It will be an acoustic set, part of the San Miguel Music Explorers where El Meister will also be performing. The tour will continue in November and December until the 22nd, when they will be playing in Majorca.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to seeing them live one last time, here’s the information:

October 10 – MADRID (Sala El Sol – Acoustic)
November 9 – SEVILLA (Sala X)
November 10 – MÁLAGA (La Trinchera)
November 16 – A CORUÑA (Loft Palexco – Acoustic)
November 22 – MADRID (Joy Eslava)
November 23 – DONOSTIA (La Cripta)
November 24 – SANTANDER (Sala BNS)
November 29 – BURGOS (Fábrica Cerveza San Miguel – Acoustic)
November 30 – VALENCIA (Sala Jerusalem - Naranjas Sonoras)
December 1 – MURCIA (Sala REM)
December 7 – BARCELONA (Sala Bikini)
December 8 – ZARAGOZA (Sala Las Armas)
December 22 – PALMA DE MALLORCA (Sala Es Gremi)

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