L.A. gets ready for the winter tour

They have had a successful summer full of festivals and rooftops

Published by Laura Soriano - 1 year ago
L.A. gets ready for the winter tour

After playing in festivals such as Atlantic Fest, Weekend Beach or Low Festival and selling out almost every Live the Roof show, it is time for the Majorcan band is going back to smaller venues.​​

One of the last summer festivals in Spain is Granada Sound, where Luis Alberto Segura and his band performed this past weekend. But when autumn comes, it is time for bands to continue their own tours. This is the case for L.A., which has confirmed up to 14 shows until the end of the year.

The cities they will be visiting are Burgos (October 5), Valencia (October 21), Almería (November 3), Baeza (November 4), Córdoba (November 17), Seville (November 18), Vitoria (November 24), Donosti (November 25), Zaragoza (December 1), Murcia (December 2), Málaga (December 8), Elche (December 9), Granada (December 15) and Madrid (December 16).

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