Havalina and Rufus T. Firefly join forces

Under Bandada they will offer a one-time performance on May 12

Published by Laura Soriano - 6 years ago
Havalina and Rufus T. Firefly join forces

They say that there is a lot of Rufus in Havalina and, historically, there has been a lot of Havalina in Rufus. This has taken the bands to join forces beyond a show where one band plays after the other.​

Rufus T. Firefly considers the decision of reaching out to Manuel Cabezalí back in 2010 – after having loved Las hojas secas – as the best one in their 12 years as a band. Now they are about to make a dream come true by playing together as one. On May 12th they will be performing for Sound Isidro in a special performance.

This union (which they refer to as “Rufuslina”) is a risky and ambitious project, and, they say, “probably one of the least profitable ideas we have had in our careers”. There are still tickets available in the link if you want to attend to this unique event.

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