Going back to the 80s

The mega concert will be on May 15th at the Wizink Center

Published by Laura Soriano - 5 months ago
Going back to the 80s

For those who still miss the good old days and those who were late to the party.

Just like a #ThrowbackThursday... but on a Monday, on May 15th The Madrilenian Scene (or movida madrileña) will be back thanks to a mega concert in the former Palacio de Deportes.

Both national and international bands will be performing at the Wizink Center after 18:30, when doors will open. The lineup includes Echo and The Bunnymen, The Stranglers, Nacha Pop, Immaculate Fools and Pistones, as well as DJs Magín and Pepo.

This show could be the first of many, as the idea is to turn it into an annual event to remember the music that played such an important role in the Madrilenian Scene during the 80s.

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