Eleanor Friedberger to perform in Madrid

She will open the Tornavistas Ciudad series on April 10

Published by Laura Soriano - 6 years ago
Eleanor Friedberger to perform in Madrid

The New Yorker artist will promote Rebound, due on May 4th.​

After co-founding The Fiery Furnaces with her brother, Eleanor Friedberger is now focusing on her solo career. With her fourth studio album coming out in less than a month, her songs go from rock to classic pop, also touching electronic sounds.

Rebound is an album that looks to the 80s, full of elegance and stories inspired by Greece, where she lived in 2016. The atmosphere of vindication and reactivation of political militancy, as well as the movement to get back the social rights lost by its society has left its print in the new songs which Spanish fans will be able to enjoy her live performance as part of the series organized by the Tomavistas festival, as well as shows in Castellonet, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

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