‘Borealis’, new album by Against the Waves

The band has release their second album, produced by Joey Sturgis

Published by Laura Soriano - 8 years ago
‘Borealis’, new album by Against the Waves

Against the Waves travelled to Detroit to record their latest release – Borealis – at the Metro 37 Studios.​

They did so along with Joey Stugis, which makes them the first Spanish band to work with the famous producer. It comes as no surprise taking into account that in 2013 the band won the band contest at the Resurrection Fest, the most important metal and hardcore festival in their country.

To promote the album, Against the Waves recently released the music video for the song “I've Seen Brighter Days”.

Right now they are working on their Spanish tour, but they will also be promoting the album internationally, focusing in countries such as China and the United States.

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