Black Mirrors to visit Spain and Portugal

The Brussels-based band will play eleven gigs in the Iberian Peninsula

Published by Laura Soriano - 7 months ago
Black Mirrors to visit Spain and Portugal

The Back Mirrors tour on southern Europe will kick off on April 3 in Nantes before getting to Spain a couple of days later.​

This will be the first time the Belgium band – lead by Marcela di Troia’s incredible voice – takes their compelling hypnotic rock. In just the same amount of days, the band has confirmed elven shows – nine taking place in Spain and two of them in Portugal.

Here is the list of dates and venues for all of them:

5 Sopelana - La Triangu
6 Monzón - Escuela De Calor
7 Zaragoza - La Ley Seca
8 Arrabal De Portillo - Blues
9 Orihuela - La Gramola
10 Almendralejo - Salon De Teatres
11 Cascais - Stairway Club (PT)
12 Plasencia - Sala Impacto
13 Béjar - La Alquitara
14 Barcelos - Monolithic Fest (PT)
15 Cangas - Salason

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