Worthy 44th anniversary of 'Led Zeppelin IV'

Moby Dick (Madrid), Spain, Sunday November 8th 2015

Published by Miguel Angel Fernandez Gomez and translated by Alex Belencoso - 9 years ago
Worthy 44th anniversary of 'Led Zeppelin IV'

We went to a passionate night of rock without borders. Upon hearing the first notes of the first track, outside the room, we have doubts if they had turned on the player or the musicians are already over the stage. Good sign.

Cover Led Zeppelin has two points of view: first, the audience can easily recognize the songs and, therefore, the bands assure their enjoyment; and the second, more complex, how to play those difficult songs.

The music of Led Zeppelin is known to all, both in its time and its influence on current rock. Its mixture of Blues, Folk, Funk and even the most primitive Metal, make them one of the most important bands of all time. The quality of their songs shows that, even after so many years after its publication, they sound as current as yesterday and, therefore, a tribute to their albums by young musicians is an appropriate idea to enjoy their timeless music.

In the mythical album Led Zeppelin IV -or "Zoso" - all those styles, that give identity to the sound of the band, converge. Highlighting the memorable 'Stairway to Heaven' over the eight songs of the album. A ballad of ballads, epicly beautiful.

With a club yet filled the gig begins, playing 'Black Dog', of superb workmanship. A Blues Rock song that the someone defined as an attempt to cover 'Oh Well' by Peter Green for Fleetwood Mac. Then 'Misty Mountain Hop', that sounds like the record. 'Celebration Day', from the album Led Zeppelin III, later. It exudes power, plenty of power.

'Good Times Bad Times', from the first album, sounds so overwhelming like a thunder and the so representative sound of Jimmy Page's Les Paul. 'Communication Breakdown', also from the first album. Delicious. Later, a cover in Spanish of 'The Ocean', very sympathetic.

Comes the time for a band settled in Madrid, Neon Delta, which strikes strongly 'Immigrant Song'. This is the first part of the concert, which leads to the folk part of the setlist. It's difficult to taste this in a Madrid club. 'Going to California' with Pepa Solana, a female vocalist that reaches very high tones. Very sharp and, then, 'The Battle of Evermore'. These songs were played in trio with vocals, acoustic guitar and the mandolin of Aitor Entrudo, which gives much authenticity to the performance.

The gig continues with 'When the Levee Breaks' which, although there is no harmonica, it respects the original with a touch of country music. Variety is the spice, they say. 'Heartbreaker' with the whole guitar solo included and 'Four Sticks', with an oriental fragrance. In 'The Wanton Song' there are details of funk music, with the great Toni Martinez on guitar. And then 'Kashmir', big and with keyboard.

Now 'Stairway to Heaven'. One of the highlights of the night, including the presence of the legendary double neck guitar Gibson 1275. 'Since I've Loving You', a whole Slow Blues (keyboard included) delights the audience and then 'Rock and Roll' to move the body.

A Led Zeppelin's setlist would be incomplete without a cover of 'Whole Lotta Love', which sounded very similar to the original. 'Custard Pie', keyboard's solo included and, finally, 'How Many More Times', from Led Zeppelin I that, as heard in many pirated versions, was followed by 'The Hunter', where the band surrendered tribute to the Blues of Howlin' Wolf and Albert King.

In short, I am right to say that our expectations were not disappointed and we enjoyed another intense night of Rock. Should be noted this kind of initiative, when musicians commemorate the release of one album and, incidentally, delight us with a fully loaded repertoire. We also appreciated that the covers were recognizable and very faithful to the original, in order to enjoy the good performances.

Setlist and musicians

  • 1.- 'Black Dog' (Prieto, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez)
  • 2.- 'Misty Mountain Hop' (Prieto, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez, Casanova)
  • 3.- 'Celebration Day' (Prieto, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez)
  • 4.- 'Good Times Bad Times' (Bastard, Solo, Armijos, Marín)
  • 5.- 'Communication Breakdown' (Hardwires, Bastard, J. Fdez., K. Fdez.)
  • 6.- 'The Ocean' (Marchesi, Soule, Alonso, Endara)
  • 7.- 'Immigrant Song' (Neon Delta)
  • 8.- 'Going to California' (Solana, Ruiz, Antrulejo)
  • 9.- 'The Battle of Evermore' (Tai, Ruiz, Antrulejo)
  • 10.- 'When the Levee Breaks' (Mr. Black, Kanevsky, Novati, Meiner)
  • 11.- 'Heartbreaker' (Torrescusa, Martin, DQ, Meiner)
  • 12.- 'Four Sticks' (Bastard, Bourbon, Hardwires, Exposito, Mc. Gregor)
  • 13.- 'The Wanton Song' (Viaña, Martínez, Exposito, Alvarado)
  • 14.- 'Kashmir' (Prieto, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez, Casanova)
  • 15.- 'Moby Dick' (Prieto, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez)
  • 16.- 'Stairway to Heaven' (Solana, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez, Casanova)
  • 17.- 'The Song Remains the Same' (Prieto, Grasso, Giardino, Martínez)
  • 18.- 'Since I've Loving You' (Prieto, Ruiz, Gamón, Menchaca, Alonso)
  • 19.- 'Whole Lotta Love' (Bagnoli, Ruiz, Rodríguez, García)
  • 20.- 'Rock and Roll' (Bagnoli, Muñoz, Segura, Queque, Del Campo)
  • 21.- 'Custard Pie' (Prieto, Sánchez, Giardino, Martínez, Calo)
  • 22.- 'We Gonna Groove' (Prieto, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez, Casanova)
  • 23.- 'How Many More Times' (Prieto, Ruiz, Giardino, Martínez)

Text: Miguel Angel Fernandez Gomez / Translation: Alex Belencoso / Photography: Alex Belencoso

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